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Anticipating no change to speed

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Anticipating no change to speed


My Plusnet service will start early December. Currently enjoying 35 mbps down and 6mbps up with BT using their Smart Hub. Rock solid.  As I see it nothing changes, same line, distance, exchange, etc. I could even keep using the BT Smart Hub presumably? Am I correct in assuming I shall still get the same speed and stability when I go live with Plusnet? (The difference to me is the cost...nearly half which BT is charging!)

Any views gratefully received.




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Re: Anticipating no change to speed

Everything is the same apart from the servers (gateways?) that handle how traffic is routed, as far as i understand, which are operated by Plusnet. I'm sure other forum users are able to give a better explanation Smiley

I've never had problems with the Plusnet side of things but have been having a lot of hassle with the BT network side. If your current BT connection is good then I can't see how Plusnet can be any worse (or better). They're much the same.

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Re: Anticipating no change to speed


Hi John, the service is provided over the same infrastructure in general we do have our own points of presence around the country, but the exchange/cabinet and cabling from there is the same. Yes you should be able to continue using your smart hub, the settings will just need updating to use the Plusnet connection details here:

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