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Another Drop in Profile and Speed

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Another Drop in Profile and Speed

I see today that my Profile has been dropped from 40.7Mbps on Monday 21st, to 37Mbps (36.95Mbps is actual) today.

That's over 10%. Why is this? Is there a fault?

Can you check my line please and post the results?

Several months ago it was discovered that my connection had its DLM set to stability instead of the normal "speed and Stability" Setting. Can this be checked too please? Maybe I'm on paperwork that shows the wrong setting requested?

Many thanks, Hope that you've all had a good Christmas, unusual though it was for us all. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Another Drop in Profile and Speed

Together with our network partners at Openreach we will try to provide you with the best speeds possible. If you feel this is not the case, please raise your speed fault online at

If this post resolved your issue please click the 'This fixed my problem' button
 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team