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AlwaysOn VPN Not working

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Re: AlwaysOn VPN Not working

I would defintely speak to the sysadmins where you work.

Come armed with as much information as possible, the obvious - your ISP and your public internet addresses.

They might have a log on their side of you trying to connect, and the 'Computer Says No', sorry Little Britian there. I will shut up. 🙂

I said on another thread that people think GeoIP is perfect which it isn't. It could be a case of PlusNet are assigned a block of IP addresses which some systems think you're not in the UK.

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Re: AlwaysOn VPN Not working

Dear Alex

Many thanks for your helpful advise.

My work place has actually replaced the laptop with a new one which is working with mobile hotspot and other BB provider( checked myself). 

I sincerely want to move to another provider as the plusnet customer service is not able to help me and am not able to work from home.


Not sure about the early termination fee as my contract last till April 2021.



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Re: AlwaysOn VPN Not working

Hi @BB20 

I am afarid that your work IT dept hold all the cards here.

They manage the VPN server and the client on their PC.

Only they can access the VPN logs to troubleshoot the issue.

Without some evidence of the technical reason the VPN fails to connect, how does the ISP investigate.

My hunch is that it is a GeoIP problem but unless the work IT dept co-operate with ISPs we will never know.


I see BT broadband do or did offer to remburse ISP termination charges if you switch to them.

It could save you a lot of money but do ring them to make sure the offer is still valid.

Of course there are no gurantees that other ISPs do not have the same VPN issue...




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Re: AlwaysOn VPN Not working

Yep thanks @RichardB 

Kind of what I wanted to say.

To the OP, you could be right in that changing ISP might fix the problem. You'll get a different IP address and you'll be happy.

However in my view, that is a hack and not a fix. It does sound like your IP (and range) is being blacklisted.

I would try and connect a few times, maybe tomorrow (as was sung in the Littiest Hobo theme tune 😊).

Keep a log of when you try to connect, any errors (doesn't seem like you have any), and then moan at your IP department. In a nice way of course.

If you PM me your IP address, I will have a look and see what I can find.

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Re: AlwaysOn VPN Not working

You are not alone....

Over on another thread...  it says "...... there is an issue with certain VPN clients and certain allocated IPs. The IP address that you are currently connected on falls within the range that is affected by this issue."

This kinda backs up what others have said, about your work's setup is blocking your IP address. It doesn't matter that RIPE knows that the IP is with Plusnet, it's to do with what the Geo-IP database used by your company thinks (and many of those Geo-IP databases are BAD... if it was cheap, then it's more likely to not be updated so much, meaning that IP ranges moved from one place to another show up incorrectly for quite a long time)

Talk to your corporate IT department. Give them the IP, and get them to fix the problem.

Yes, if you move to BT, and you "get lucky" with the new IP address, then it will "fix" the issue. Of course, you might NOT get lucky 😞