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Always on VPN

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Always on VPN

Hi all.  I'm trying to get always on VPN working on my PN fibre connection - set up OK at work, can use fine when on different broadband providers/wifi networks/phone tethering.  The VPN is Microsofts Always on VPN - the new version of Direct Access.  I 'think' it works in a similar fashion, although it's not me that's set it up.

I can see the traffic getting through and authenticating to our Microsoft Always On vpn server, but looks like the traffic isn't then getting back down the pipe to my device at home.

Have tried via chat support and got a "we don't support vpns" ... I pressed a bit and got advice to reset router which I've done to no avail.  On plusnet provided router, no clever config.  I can see from the plusnet website that I'm allocated a static IP at the moment, and have asked plusnet support to see if there's anything that can be amended from their end to get Direct Access to work.


Anyone out there with it working?

Many thanks, Ash


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Re: Always on VPN

Depending on what error code you're getting, this troubleshooting guide may help:


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Re: Always on VPN

Hi Ash,

Did you ever find a resolution to this? I am in the same boat. Always On VPN that works everywhere except with PlusNet...