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Alternative DNS providers

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Alternative DNS providers

Hi, can anyone tell me if you are able to use alternative DNS providers such as Google or OpenDNS with Plusnet fibre? Changing settings on the phone or iPad would be fine, wouldn’t need to change it at router level - I used to be able to do this with Sky but then they changed something and now it defaults to Sky DNS regardless of settings on other devices. Thanks!
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Re: Alternative DNS providers

Yes, you can change DNS provider. The Plusnet supplied router doesnt have the ability, but if you have your own router which does then you can do it there ( I do ), but it's possible to change it on each device as you suggest.

Plusnet Safeguard will not be available if you use a different DNS provider though.

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Re: Alternative DNS providers

It’s my understanding that device DNS settings take priority over the router settings. Consequently if you wish to use the router selected DNS then devices that have the capability to select an alternative DNS, such as an IPad , are by default pointed to the router IP address in order to pick this up.

How do you know that Sky manages to block this function?

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Re: Alternative DNS providers

Never mind - thanks anyway