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Advice on Wireless Router Choice

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Advice on Wireless Router Choice

Hello everyone,
So I signed up to Plusnet a few months back.
I was originally going to purchase TP Link TP-W9980 but was put off  by somebody on this forum who had just purchased one, had issues so they sent it back.
My mate bought one & it's been fine with Plusnet.
I ended up purchasing a ASUS RT-AC56U AC1200, now I have sent this back to broadband buyer as the 2.4ghz wireless range is poor & constantly drops. It's worse than my existing Sky SR101 HUB, that was a bit naff but it never dropped connection.
The LAN side things were great, no problem, just the wireless.
Having to wait back from broadband buyer for the outcome.
If they let me exchange for a different brand which one ?
Do I go back to the original plan, the TP Link TP-W9980( if they ever come into stock), & rip the openreach modem off the wall ?
Keep the openreach modem & choose a different router ?
It needs to have 4 Gig Ports as well as the WAN Port, have great 2.4ghz range, 5ghz would be nice for a bit of future proof, look the part, & cost about £80 ish :~)
Every review I read on wireless kit, somebody is always saying their rubbish.
Your opinions do count!!
Cheers lads.
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Re: Advice on Wireless Router Choice

There's been a fair bit of discussion about fibre routers recently here:,133737.msg1169161.html
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