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Activation visit at new address

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Activation visit at new address

I've been with Plusnet at my current address for over 2 years.
I'm moving shortly and my 'activation visit' is scheduled for tomorrow 1st September.
I'm starting a new Unlimited Fibre Extra contract at my new address.

Now I want to ask:

I've been given no timeslot for the visit.
Am I likely to receive a timeslot or do I just need to ensure I'm at my new home all day?
If I need to be at my new home all day what hours must I be there from and to?

Do I need to take my router and a laptop to my new home to test the connection works once the engineer has done his work?
My new home is currently empty so the only way to test that the connection works would be to take my router, my laptop and a network cable to my new home.



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Re: Activation visit at new address

Good morning Martin
If there's already a telephone line at the new property, Openreach wouldn't normally attend and all the work is done externally( jumpered in VDSL cabinet). If you need anymore help then please ask away.
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Re: Activation visit at new address

Well my new home has an Openreach style BT socket, so has previously had broadband active on it's line.

If i don't spend tomorrow at my new home (not having moved in yet) and the engineer finds that he needs access to the property what would happen?
Would the engineer ring me and give me a time to drive to my new home - which would take me around 10 minutes - or would he leave me unactivated and I'd then need to arrange and pay for a second visit from the engineer?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Activation visit at new address

Thanks for getting in touch @warwound and apologies for the delayed staff response.

If you'd still need an update on your house move order, can you drop me a PM with your account username?

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team