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Accessing DVR images via the TG5282n router - settings needed

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Accessing DVR images via the TG5282n router - settings needed

I have a Far East made Digital Video Recorder -  a H264 model that works well showing security camera images on my PC connected via the Lan cable and wirelessly on my laptop at home.
I cannot I acess my digital video recorder (security images) over the internet or  via my £G smartphone app . I have fibre broadband and the Plusnet tg 5282n router.
Where can I find the router settings that work as every setting I have tried fails to provide access.
The IP adresss set by default in the dvr is
and a http port - 80  cmd port 6001  tci 6002  mobile port 6003
I hope someone  can help with some settings to try either on the router or to the DVR settings
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Re: Accessing DVR images via the TG5282n router - settings needed

You need to manually set up port forwarding rules for some or all ports 80, 6001, 6002 and 6003.
Look at this thread which refers to a useful Zen web page on the subject of port forwarding for TG582n,113303.msg1170658.html
I don't use a TG582n any more but if memory serves me right, your DVR will need to be assigned a DHCP IP address from the TG582n.  ie. if you have manually set up a static IP address on the DVR, it won't work.  It's a flaw (feature) of the TG582n firmware.   Your DVR must be configured to use DHCP.
Application name:  MYDVR
Protocol: Any,    Port range:  80 to 80
Protocol: Any,    Port range:  6001 to 6001
Protocol: Any,    Port range:  6002 to 6002
Protocol: Any,    Port range:  6003 to 6003
(You could try replacing the last 3 lines with one single entry:  Protocol: Any,    Port range:  6001 to 6003)
For your smartphone to work, you almost certainly will need to forward port 6003.
It is not clear whether ports 6001 and 6002 are required.
You probably don't need to or wish to forward port 80 for security reasons.  (Web browser access to DVR)

Then assign the application 'MYDVR' to your DVR hopefully found in the 'Device' pull down list.
Good luck.
If I've made a mistake, I'm sure someone will correct me.