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ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band

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ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band


I'm looking for an alternative option to my curent hub one unit ( we have the unlimited fibre service delivered to the house on copper) I'm going to assume that I need  DSL unit ( please advise if Im wrong)  and am looking for something which will give better performance as the kids are aways moaning how bad the Internet  is  when they come to visit and performance varies greatly from room to room , I appreciate it wil change a bit but the variation is too much, we even get buffering errors on TV streaming with no one else units t


So has anyone ever used the 

ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band

unit or got any other suggestions for a similar price 


Many thanks



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Re: ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band

It'll do the job but gosh is it expensive. Before laying out this sort of money have you investigated why your wireless is so bad? For example, have you split the bands and tried each in turn? see

Next have you checked that there's nothing else using the same band? If you download a sniffer app, I use the free WiFi Analyzer app on an Android phone. With this you can monitor your neighbours current WiFi channel as well as your own. If you check both where the router is located as well as where you use your devices your can see if there are other strong transmissions using the same channel. If this is the case then go into the router advanced WiFi settings and manually select a less used one.

There is always the risk that a new router would be little better. To be honest with this sort of budget I would go for extending the WiFi with a Mesh system, see

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Re: ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band


I live in a modern four bedroom box, and using the asus ac3200 , the coverage was always flaky, even when using quiet channels.

I took a leap of faith and got the BT Whole Home mesh, three units (and you can add more I believe), and so far a lot better.

Cost 170 ish from argos

Advantages not a built in router device, so easy to set up.

Just plug it in to your router, ensuring the routers wifi is disabled, on both channels.

Note that if you have slow fibre connection, a 'better' modem may help, then I suggest you look into getting a BT Hub6? as loads of people think these are the better option than the plusnet supplied one ( I cannot confirm this as I use a vigor router, which is quite expensive.)

Please check your speeds to see if there is any issues, and don't forget loads of users/children can cause congestion.

Oh, also do what @Baldrick1 suggested.




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Re: ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band



Thanks for this I will look in to it. What I have found is that there are a couple of dead spots in the house so this may be the answer


Thank you

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Re: ASUS DSL-AC88U WiFi Modem Router - AC 3100, Dual-band

HI Baldrick1,


Thanks for this lots of good things. yes it is lots of £££ but the write ups are good  that aside following your advice 

I haven't yet split the channels this is next on my list. What I have found if that using a analyser the signals look ok  but its suggesting I move the channels  unfortunately the channels is suggesting I go to are not available  on the router ( something like Ch 14 and Ch 157 ) what I'm going to do is have a play 

With the hub set to AutoSelect  I have done a number of tests and found  that  my download speeds vary from on average at the high end 32mb  to as low as 5  so it looks like I have a couple of dead zones but it does indicate the inbound signal is good, and using the hub in built network check all devices are not accounted for so it doesn't look like I have any unwelcome guests. So like the other guy suggest I think I will investigate a mesh first


Thanks your your help its greatly appreciated.