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ADSL -> Fibre switch HELL. Need your advice.

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ADSL -> Fibre switch HELL. Need your advice.

On 26th of May (as far as I remember) I have asked Plusnet to switch me to Fiber. They said an engineer will come to my house on 9th of June. Some time later I get a text that says the engineer was rearranged on 11th of June.
First question here: Plusnet says that my contract has started on 26th of May. But how is it possible? This way I'm loosing my right to cancel a cervise in 2 weeks. Is it even legal?
Anyhow. BT engineer came to my house on 11th, did his work, connected a standard Plusnet router, said "You will have an Internet in 15 minutes" and left the house. Sure the Internet didn't appear that day. In the evening I'm calling Plusnet support, waiting 50 minutes, and in the end talk to one of support guys. 5 minutes later he says that first problem was that Plusnet didn't switch me to Fiber on their side and next that there is something else which doesn't look easy. He said give me a couple of minutes and after that he turned on that music. Couple of minutes later I was disconnected. I'm making another call, 1 hour later nothing happens I'm still trying to reach support. Finally I gave up.
Next day, on Friday, I spent 30 minutes and decided that it might be better to call them on Saturday morning.
On Saturday morning after 40 minutes of waiting someone picked up the phone. Advisor has asked me could I do this or that and it didn't work so he escalated it to a fault and arranged an engineer.
Several days later BT engineer comes to my house, checks everything, he's replacing an Openreach modem just in case, says that BT side is fine, talk to Plusnet it must be a broken router. He makes a call to Plusnet, the guy from Plusnet says "Yeah I'm not even sure why did they send that router, we will send a new one". BT guy leaves the house, no Internet.
Several days later new router arrives, Internet is not working. Same problems again. Usual one hour on the line in waiting and then "Please press this, reset here". No progress, no Internet.
Support guy is arranging a new engineer. I'm asking could you guys send a Plusnet engineer with own router / laptop / whatever, who can do all the hackery on a proper level? Answer is no, we don't have own engineers. I'm asking how does it work then? The answer was "BT engineers do a hardware work and we do a software one". My question was what to do if an engineer comes one more time and Internet is not working in the end? Answer was like "Please ask BT guy to call Plusnet and we will sort it out". Okay.
It was already a second week without Internet. One day before he arrives the phone line has totally gone. Next day BT engineer arrives, does his job, phone line is fine, phone works but Internet doesn't. He's going to leave but my wife (I was at work) gives him a phone and I'm asking him what to do as Internet is now working. He says it's not his job, ask Plusnet to call an engineer. I'm saying Plusnet doesn't have an engineer, they asked me to ask you to call them. He says okay. My wife told me that the guy left the house with his hardware and in a minute said that he called Plusnet and they said it's a faulty router and they will send you a new one. After that he literally escaped. Sure he didn't call anyone.
Again I have one hour of waiting on the line and after that tell the story to support guy. After several attempts to do anything in order to fix this issue we decide that Support will think more what to do.
When I realised that Plusnet and BT are totally disconnected companies and the only link between them is me I got the idea that it is not going to be fixed.
If I look back at all what happened I see an infinite loop of "Can we do this and that? Okay, we need an engineer. Engineer comes and says BT is fine. I talk to Plusnet. Can you do this and that?..."
After more than two weeks of staying without Internet, spending > 1 hour on the line almost every day, not being able to buy anything through the Internet (food for myself and pets), book hotels / buy tickets for upcoming holidays I have finally decided to leave.
Today I made a call to cancellation department and got a reply that I can't leave them without paying 200 something pounds. My contract has started from 26th of May and I can't cancel it without paying extra fees any more. I said how it is possible as you officially installed Fiber on 11th of June (and they took money from my account on 1st of June) and from that time until now I have no Internet. Not a slow or non stable Internet but no Internet at all. They said only if engineers say they can't make it work we will let you go without paying any extra fee. Woman on the phone had a talk with tech guys and they said they can fix it so I can't leave without paying them. I asked how much time would they need to realise that it's not going to work. The answer was 10-15 days. I said okay but it already took more. They said there is no term for that. It can be a shorter or longer period. I said okay you can legally not give me any Internet connection for the whole 18 month period and it will be still fine? The guy said we not going to do it, we want to make our customers happy.
I honestly tried to explain to tech support and cancellation departments how big is the damage they do to me, material and mental and that it would be better if you just let me go.
They said NO.
I need an advice what to do. I have holidays very soon. It means the later I book everything needed the less chance to make it work or the more expensive it would be.
Another side is paying bills. Everything is online.
You know that feeling when something gets bad and you can't work or do something normally as you constantly thinking how to dial with the problem.
I can't switch to another ISP or I have to pay double.
Ofcom, small court could probably help with it but it will take time.
Any ideas if I can break a contract without paying something I should not pay? As to me I should not pay as the only thing I got after switching to Fibre from ADSL was a real nightmare that still goes on. If I only knew it would be like that.
And by the way, I was a loyal customer. I never switch untill the service becomes total ... The only ISP I can't complain about was BE (Be There) which unfortunately was bought by Sky. That was the reason to switch to Plusnet.
Anyhow, please tell me what you think. Thanks.
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Re: ADSL -> Fibre switch HELL. Need your advice.

You need someone from PN to take charge of your complaint and only deal with that person. Good luck