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A quick question

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A quick question

Hi im thinking about upgrading my package to fibre as where we are now we are only getting 2mb download which is around 200k a second lol
question: if i upgrade my package to fibre do i keep my slow broadband i have now up until the installation period of the fibre or do they cancel the slow broadband until the installation of the new fibre one, only asking because i have something big coming up where i need the internet in the near future so unsure weather to upgrade it at the moment or not.
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Re: A quick question

Your existing broadband keeps working right up to the moment the engineer starts to swap you over Smiley.
Have you had an estimate for the fibre speeds? If not, what does this checker say about your phone number? Easier to copy and paste the table, and hang the layout. Make sure the line above the table gives a cabinet number! That's important.