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6 weeks since house move and still no broadband

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6 weeks since house move and still no broadband

We moved house on the 1st December and were already existing plusnet customers.

The phone line transferred on the move date but the broadband is STILL not working.  We have spent hours on the phone to plusnet and have been told a multitude of reasons for the lack of service including a stuck order and then moving on to the problem being a resourcing issue with Open reach.

We have even been told twice this week that an engineer is booked to go to the exchange (and this will solve our problem). However no such engineer has been and we are still without service.

We both work from home and the internet is crucial to our businesses - we are having to use mobile data which is costing us a fortune.

We are at a complete loss what to do to get plusnet to reinstate our service.  Whilst I cannot fault the customer services ability to fob us off and repeatedly use the phrase 'I completely understand your frustrations', how can a company (who is owned by BT) not resolve this issue with Openreach (who is also owned by BT). We are essentially dealing with the same company!

On the plus side Plusnet are able to effectively process our direct debit payments each month.

If anyone can help us get our service up and running we'd really appreciate it!



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 6 weeks since house move and still no broadband

Hi there, 


I'm glad to see that you're now online and that Michael is helping you with a speed issue. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team