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4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

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4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

So in our first couple of years owning Plusnet broadband speeds where around 3-5mbps and that seemed to be expected as I live in a very old house and I have a suspicion the wiring in the house is fairly poor as there isn't a master socket in the house but a LJU3 Master Socket in the loft. But recently in the past few months it dropped to about 2mbps and was very unstable would crash out of nowhere and ping would suddenly skyrocket so we decided to go to Plusnet Fibre hoping to rid these problems. It's partially worked, I now get a healthy ping and my upload speed has improved slightly but I can't get any more than 4mbps?

Is that old master socket limiting me, my brother lives a couple of streets away and has peaked at 40mbps on fibre to cabinet so that's my only guess. Would I have to pay BT to fit better master sockets?

Thanks in advance, Jack

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Re: 4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

Welcome to the forum.

First of all, what speed should you be getting? check by putting your phone number in here:

Next, are you checking using a wired Ethernet connection between your router and computer? If not can you do that test.

Depending on the results of that your best bet might be to take the hit now and get BT to put a new Master Socket next to where you want to locate your Router. I think they charge about £160 but it's probably worth it in the long term. You currently don't have a properly defined interface between where your responsibility for internal wiring ends and BT's external infrastructure  starts . This is a recipe for arguments in the future over responsibility for faults as you currently can't isolate your internal wiring from BT's.


Sorry, I've read your post again. Your interface is in the loft so the official interface is up there. Consequently the only place you can get to the Test Socket (that's the one you find if tou take the front off the Master Socket) is in the loft so to do proper speed testing you need to take your router and wired internet computer up there or modify your wiring. If you have more that one extension telephone cable connected to the master socket and your router is fitted to the end of one then you have a 'bridge tap' and will probably never get your full potential speed.

I'm afraid that as I said previously you really need to move the master socket to where you want your router. You can then 'back feed' just the telephone signal from the Master Socket telephone extension connections if you use a filtered faceplate back into the loft using the existing telephone cable and then connect extensions from there as you wish.

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Re: 4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

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Re: 4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

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Re: 4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

As previously mentioned you have to check what speed you should be expecting to give you a base line to work from.


If you were to get OR in the install a master socket I believe it would be put where you want it (if feasible) and they would check / sort out your internal wiring for internet use.



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Re: 4Mbps max on Plusnet Fibre

Sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately it looks like the modify order wasn't placed to put you on fibre.

I'll get this placed for you now.

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