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4 year wait for Fibre - then Installer doesn't show up

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Registered: ‎13-06-2015

4 year wait for Fibre - then Installer doesn't show up

Was so excited to finally get Fibre option after 3.5mbps Max for the last few years. Took a day off work, groundwork all prepared for data extension kit and tea and biscuits bought. However,engineer/Installer didn't appear and when I called PN they apologised and said the installer (Openreach, I assume) had rescheduled if for 3 days hence (when my wife and I will be working) and hadn't informed PN so they,in turn,couldn't inform me.
The PN agent gave me he impression that this happens quite often but It's hard to imagine that this is the correct procedure. Surely,Openreach have to have some responsibility towards the ISP and the customer?
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Re: 4 year wait for Fibre - then Installer doesn't show up

I have to say that the communication between PN and BT/Openreach seems rubbish.  Fortunately we were informed of a change of date when the phone line would be installed, but when I called PN to ask if fibre was going to be installed the same day they didn't know.  They just said that there was already a date booked and as far as they knew that's when it was going to be installed.  Then when I get a call from the fibre engineer, he thought he was doing both and was surprised when I told him that the phone had already been done.  Yet I get numerous text messages and emails telling me that things had been done and welcoming me to the service.  PN need to implement technology to work in the right areas, not use it for spamming their customers!
That added to the fiasco of getting the router sent out (which has yet to arrive, over 3 weeks after we moved in amd a month since we signed up with PN) has left an extremely bad taste and my wishing I had never bothered.
Now I'm seeing lots of posts about speed issues and throttling, this is not good :-(