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4 hours of speed

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4 hours of speed

Got connected today to fibre had to ring support to get things working as they should , so worked great for 4 hours now for some reason the download speed has died but the upload is smoking hot



Anyone know why this would happen ?   before and after links below

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Re: 4 hours of speed

What does the Plusnet Line speed at show ?


It may have gone back to ADSL speed so needs Plusnet to change it and then you need to log onto the router, click "disconnect", wait 30 seconds and then click "connect"


To get Plusnet to change it, either phone or use the Chat facility. Word of warning, if you use adblocker software, you will need to disable for Plusnet sites to get the chat to work.

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Re: 4 hours of speed

I believe we have this fixed now?


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