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2nd BB Line

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Registered: ‎08-11-2009

2nd BB Line

I have the standard PlusNet Fibre Unlimited package with a min guaranteed speed of 38Mb/s. My current WFH absolutely requires good BB connectivity and bandwidth for frequent zoom calls and real-time data. With kids at home and the other half sometimes (frequently) it's just not pulling.

Can anyone advise me on the merits of a second full line into the house? My plan would be to dedicate it to my work, with the family able to use the other for their gaming/streaming and all the rest. Can anyone advise me on things like:

- would I be getting two completely independent lines and therefore guaranteed double the speed, dependent obviously on bottlenecks further back? My street is full of retirees and not many home workers, so I doubt that'll be an issue as the cabinet is at the end

- is the any issue running two wireless modems in the house, will I need to manually configure to ensure they don't interfere with each other, or is that not an issue

- Am I better with two different providers, in other words if I get both from PlusNet will my speed be throttled somewhere rather than two fully independent separate lines?

I see some modems can be connected to two lines and will then perform "load balancing" - does anyone have experience of that?

Also, I notice there's a "Fibre Unlimited 2" product available to me, which has a higher maximum speed but the same guaranteed minimum. How can that be unless there is some throttling on the speed of my current package, and I though "Unlimited" was exactly that?

Thanks, as always for any tips and advice.