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2Mbps Upload generally insufficient?

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2Mbps Upload generally insufficient?

I note the increasing clamour as customer find their Upload reducing to 2Mbps. If you transmit larger files (as is increasingly the case with many or most users who send photographs, back-up online, or make use of increasing Cloud services), you find 2mbps to be far too small.

Speaking to an Openreach engineer recently, he highlighted a number of products with a 10Mbps Upload, not least their new 55/10 Service which looks ideal as a basic FTTC product. He described 2Mbps Up as "useless" for the majority, more a ploy to free up capacity than a serious offering.

I googled WRT to BT wholesale prices, they naturally took some finding, and I noted that the wholesale cost of a 2Mbps Up product rises very little if that product becomes a 10Mbps Up instead. I think that PlusNet should perhaps look hard at their product offerings and cater for today's broadband requirements better.

The 55/10 looks like a winner in terms of product and price, maybe that should become PlusNet's most popular, and maybe the Extra 80/20 should be a premium service with better support, a sort of "Rolls-Royce" option?

Something to think about anyway.

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Re: 2Mbps Upload generally insufficient?

As gamer 2mbit up is just barely good enough, but its not really 2 up its 1.7 after the overheads for the connection are taken off which makes it even worse if you host any modern game.  Back in the day the rule of thumb of working out how many connections you could handle and host well, was that every client needed 15kb/s both ways on your connection, so about 8 connections maximum, so a 4 v 4 game at best.  But modern games use more than 15kB/s now and the expectation is higher team numbers so more connections.


Route cause of this is that Game makers no longer provide servers for us to use and expect us to host games using peer to peer on our home pc's

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Re: 2Mbps Upload generally insufficient?

When I was stuck on ADSL my upload was 384kbps. If I'd gone straight from that to 2mbps it probably would've seemed OK but, having spent 10 months with 10mb upload in the meantime, 2mb seems dog slow now.

I feel an upgrade to Fibre Extra coming on.