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2Mb/s Fibre

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Re: 2Mb/s Fibre

@Terranova667, that's a good point. I'd not thought about going to down to ADSL1 to get a better throughput.
@WWWombat, thanks for the info. If BT fancy trying ADSL2+ from the cabinet on this line, I'm up for it.
The LOS distance to the exchange is 2.9Km.
We did attempt to trace the full length of the line ( the initial portion is via telegraph pole ) and it approximated to 2.4Km to the cabinet. It does make you wonder why the line appears to be so poor. I doubt this has anything to do with it, but we did port our telephone (as it was served by the same exchange) when we moved.
In other news, I've set-up an old TG582n (ADSLx only) as a bridge. I had bought a TP-Link Archer C7 (Cable) to work with the new TG582n FTTC from Plusnet. According to BT Wholesale speed test, we're now get 2.01Mb.
I had tried to bridge via the TG582n FTTC, but it would not work correctly.