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2704N can't see all devices. Port Forwarding

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Registered: ‎19-06-2015

2704N can't see all devices. Port Forwarding

Hi All,
Just gone live on fibre today and the old TG582N has been replaced with the 2704N.
I need to set up port forwarding so I can access my CCTV system remotely.
I already have a static IP address.
On the old router I set up a Game & Sharing rule and then assigned it to the MAC address of the CCTV system.
However, with the new router the mac address does not appear in the list of connected devices so I can't assign it to a new rule I already created. (The PS4 and Freeview box don't appear either).
I have a static IP address for the CCTV and the static IP is within the range of the defined IP pool in the router.
I have switched of IPv6 as I saw a post saying this could cause problems, but it has made no difference.
I can view the CCTV on the main PC which is connected to the new router by entering the CCTV IP address in a browser.
So I know the LAN is working.
Originally I had the CCTV connected to the LAN through a switch which was connected to one of the three free Ethernet ports on the 2704, with my PC connected to another of the free ports.
I also tried disconnecting the switch and just using the ports on the 2704. It made no difference.
Any ideas why several devices are not showing as connected in the 2704N?
Tearing my hair out with this!!
Thanks in advance for any pointers.
Posts: 6
Registered: ‎19-06-2015

Re: 2704N can't see all devices. Port Forwarding

Pratted around with the settings in the 2704N for the best part of three hours last night/this morning, but I couldn't get the port forwarding to work correctly.
I was able to see the CCTV device mac number & IP address occasionally in the device listing and when it was there I could link the address to a rule I created for the port forwarding.
But hours later it would lose visibility of the device.
In the end I have updated the firmware in the old TG582N router to the FTTC firmware ( latest version for router with USB port, although mine has no usb port) and it works perfectly with the fibre connection into port 4.
Before and after speed tests using the Broadband Speedchecker site are almost identical, so the TG582N seems to be capable of handling the Fibre speeds without issue.
Can't believe Plusnet have issued the 2704N as it seems like a backward step.