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15mbps-2mbps for most of the day [Fixed?]

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15mbps-2mbps for most of the day [Fixed?]

Last night there was drop in the connection speed with my internet to about 15mbps (both lan and wireless where capping out at this), checking it now Speedtest is giving me a max of 4mbps and BT wholesale (both standard and further testing) is giving my only 2mbps.


It's a throttle for certain as it seems to just cap out around 2mbps after about a second of checking than just hang there for the rest of the test


17:02 Now it seems to have returned to normal

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: 15mbps-2mbps for most of the day [Fixed?]

Hi Krem,


Do these slowdowns happen at any particular time of day or do they happen at random times?

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 Chris Parr
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