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10meg down and 2meg up Loss of speed

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Registered: ‎04-02-2021

10meg down and 2meg up Loss of speed

So last year the same pattern i lost 10Meg down and 3meg up, I have contradicting emails, First one is your minimum guaranteed speed is 30 megs, then its 40 meg then its something else... its a joke right?

When asked for in writing why my speed has dropped its side stepped and i get the usual trainee response "Nothing Wrong","Working as intended".. Plus net are you not able to commit why i have lost this speed?


Last year i was getting 48meg down and around 9 up, my contract ran out so i thought id see what else you could do for me, when i checked i could see you wanted to offer me speed in the region of 70-80 Down and 19-20 up this was for what you guys call *Ultimate* fiber extra Broadband. so the story goes like this, i upgraded to this UFEB and what dont you know..... I LOST ¬_¬ 10meg Down and 3meg up, that was last year. after messing around with your *Trainee's* who kept telling me "Every thing is ok.... Your minimum line speed is 40meg", (Now a year later they can't make up there minds 30 meg 40 megs? who knows.. let's just pull some numbers out the hat!!, and this is being polite btw), so onwards friends. they sent out an engineer, who completely mess my line up, it dropped from 38meg (after a lost 10/3) to 32meg and 5meg up.


Now of course all this is of no use without proof, well friends.. i have all the screen shots / dates and emails with support (Which have mysteriously dissapeard, but fear not, i have copies of the entire web page!!), i have before and after screen shots, emails etc, now you may well ask why has this guy got or done all this, because i have dealt with several providers in the past (One being BT!!) and have lernt you got to have proof. and i suggest you do the same, before and after screen shots,.PDF speed check, and if you go to your customer service page (y'know the one with the trainee, let me run a test on that for you page), go to file top left corner and select save page As then save it, you may need it one day. it's also a good reference for what you wrote.


So anyways..

Last year lost 10/3 it took nearly a month and 3 engineers (One being a senior, lol) to decide nothing can be done and its down to plus net, (Boy they got some cash to keep sending theas poor guys round), after nearly another 3weeks of tests and trainee guys, (40minmum everything is okay) i struck lucky and spoke to a woman who took the time to work out what all the other people could not, and she got my line back up and working within 2hrs, i was back to 48/49meg down and 9meg up.

All in all where is my 10meg gone plus net, come answer it here please so i have got a written record.

oh! when are you go to sort it or do we have to keep dancing around like awkward teenages at a disco?

and why are you charging me for EXTRA when i've got 10meg less...

Are you paying me some kind of compensation? Smiley and what about the rest of the customers?


Have a great day now..


Attachmets for fun and and Lol's

Aww can only attach one, anyone intresded in this let me know, i'll send you the screen shots