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totally confused

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totally confused

Hi all
I recently took a domain name from Plusnet and then took advantage of a free site hosting at 5quid hosting.
However I am completely confused as to what the hell to do with the information that 5quid has given me and where and how to enter it into's system.
This is the info 5quid gave me : - -
NOTE:  This is not the same procedure as 'transferring' a domain, which would require an IPS tag.  You only need to 'update' the nameservers for your domain to make use of your 5quidhost account.
NOTE:  Changing the nameservers does not result in the content of an existing website with another provider being copied to the new account with us.  All website data (files and databases) would need to be copied to the new account with us prior to the nameserver change.  Free migration assistance for such is available by contacting our support department (details below).
NOTE:  Your domain registrar may not require the IP addresses above, they may only require:
Anyone have a clue?
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Re: totally confused

Sadly, what you need to do isn't possible with Plusnet due to limitations with our domain control system. Unless Squid allow you to point to their web servers using A and/or CNAME DNS records, then you're out of luck without transferring the domain to them Sad

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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