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services manager / setting up a calendar

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services manager / setting up a calendar

Two questions for the price of one here.

Firstly - I need to be able to set up a calendar, integrated to my email, that I can synch to my mobile phone.  Phone is currently a Windows phone but may switch to Android. I use Thunderbird/Lightening as my email client so it is this calendar that I would like to synch.  Any advice on this gratefully received.

Secondly - whilst trawling the Force9 site and the community forum for help, I stumbled across a page where one can select a number of products for a modest monthly cost.  This I found under the page and it includes such bundles as "communication", "productivity", "security", "essential", "advance" and states "All our services are group-share enabled, meaning you can share you resources online automatically and co-operate with as many users as you need. Plus, each of our packages integrates perfectly so your entire workgroup can share information between each application, including Addressbook entries and documents stored in your Filestore."   But there is absolutely no documentation as to what any of these features are or how to use them!  There is a help page but it does not enlighten me, though it does sound like it may be of use to me.  Can anyone tell me what these features are and how to use them?


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Re: services manager / setting up a calendar

Good God, how did you find those? I thought they disappeared many years ago!

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