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scam call press 1

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scam call press 1

today 26/03/2021   my husband received a call on the landline saying plusnet was cutting our internet off. this was an automated call and asked us to press 1..   i presume its like the others i had 1 from Amazon a  couple of weeks ago. go through to no 1 who will ask for personal details. he hung up as he thought it was a scam.

anybody gone through to them and told them what horrible disgusting people they are???? but not so nicely

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Re: scam call press 1


@ray58 From my experience, these 'we're going to cut you off' robo-calls don't mention an ISP, and are clearly spam.

I've said this so many times on different forums, including here : If you get a call from a number you don't recognise and weren't expecting, ignore it. If they really need to contact you any reputable individual/company would leave a message.

They are not worth engaging with, on any level.

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Re: scam call press 1

My 86 year old Mother in Law had a call last week demanding £300 (she says they named Plusnet) or she would be cut off. 

That with another 'phantom' call this morning has frightened her as she is convinced the two calls are now linked.  I even checked her account (named contact for the account) and confirmed all is OK, but she keeps asking about what to do.

These people have a lot to answer for, preying on the more fragile people in our community!

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Re: scam call press 1

@ceejay13 wrote:

These people have a lot to answer for, preying on the more fragile people in our community!

Indeed - it's a despicable crime, and I hope in time you're able to reassure your M-i-L.

With the comms companies making a packet, and an arthritic sloth of a regulator, I don't see things improving any time soon.  😒

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