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Hi, can you tell me how I request a support ticket to get my rDNS setting changed?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: rDNS

Hello @tony_123

Thanks a lot for reaching out. To prevent account details being shared in the public domain, feel free to send me a PM with what you're wanting to set your rDNS to and I'll get a task raised on our end. Smiley

Please confirm what you want the rDNS changed to; there are 3 options available:

1 - – This is the default setting.

2 - - as an example.

3 - - e.g. – To use this option you will need to configure the forward record on the domain. We are required to prove you own the domain before any changes can be made and this will serve as verification. The domain can be hosted on the account or externally.

Please confirm which of the above you would like to be configured.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds