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portal borked for my account - everything links to billing

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Registered: ‎10-11-2022

portal borked for my account - everything links to billing

Hi All

I had billing problems earlier in the year (well, Plusnet did), and there seems to be a hangover when I attempt to use the portal.

I am having some email issues and wanted to look at the 'manage email account' link. But this just takes me to a page with my billing details.

On further investigation, most of the links on my accounts home page seem to be doing the same. I am unable to do anything, including changing my payment details, if I were to want to do that.

A separate old free F9 account does not show this problem.


How can this be sorted out please?

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Re: portal borked for my account - everything links to billing

Hi @kayli10 , welcome to the forums.


I just tried logging in to PlusNet from here, selected sign-in-broadband, then scrolled some way down the logged-in page and saw 'log in to webmail' (if that's what you need).

Clicking on 'manage my account' (top of the original logged-in page) led to name and address details, but further down *that* page was 'manage my mailboxes' which (as well as listing mailboxes) has various other links relating to e-mail.


Hope this helps.


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