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ionCube loader on Plusnet

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ionCube loader on Plusnet

Has any one had success in getting ionCube loader to run on their Plusnet hosted website.
I am looking to install a new version of Knowledgebase Publisher which requires it.
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Re: ionCube loader on Plusnet

I don't recall this being mentioned by anyone, perhaps I missed it, or installing it is so easy no one thought to mention it. However the answer is probably no. Grin
From a very brief look at the package, my impression is that it could well be possible - with careful attention to file and directory permissions. I think it looks at php.ini, and possibly would prefer to add a line to it. I think it uses sessions which by default use space in /tmp and that is often full. So best to create your own as described below.
My approach to installing it would probably be:
1) upload the Linux x86 files to ccgi as instructed.
2) run the permissions.cgi script listed in the opening post here to set file and directory permissions to those required.
3) run the phpini.cgi script listed here to set up your own copy of php.ini with links in each directory containing PHP files, and your own session management directory (~/tmp).
4) try running the ioncube loader installation script to install the package on your website. Smiley
Hope this helps.