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huawei 'YouView' dn370t Set Top Box on plusnet

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huawei 'YouView' dn370t Set Top Box on plusnet

I have a talk talk set to TV box. Used the same box for many years. I moved from talk talk to BT and it updated to show BT branding (on screen). I now moved to Plusnet and it had gone back to showing talk talk branding (on screen), but performance has gone through the FLOOR. Pressing the button for the guide used to bring up a guide showing channels and programs in less than a second. It now takes >30 seconds and when the guide finally displays, the channel content (not the whole guide) flashes on/of every second or so.
Changing channel also takes like 30 to 60 seconds. Previously it was instant.
I'm tech savvy and I've had it in pieces. The HDD is still spinning up and I've replaced the thermal pads on the processor. No difference. I don't think it's a physical problem, so I can only assume it's the server?
I'm on 500mbps full fibre and the box is wired on Cat6 to the router.

I have done a full factory reset a couple of times.

Any suggestions?
Any similar experiences?
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Re: huawei 'YouView' dn370t Set Top Box on plusnet

@contactgt welcome to the community

Not an expert on You View but plusnet no longer offer this service, it was closed down a few years ago, from my understanding just the Freeview channels will work.