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.htaccess & .htpasswd files

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.htaccess & .htpasswd files

Hi All
No doubt this will be a question already asked many times but I am pulling what little hair out I have on this one.
I've search archives for answered but many are unclear and a couple of posts have indicated that PlusNet really need to get their act together on the tutorials covering this.
I am looking to .htaccess protect a folder on the CGI server.... what a night mare.
Having read up this is how I understand the .htaccess fileshould look:
AuthUserFile /files/home1/loginplus/path/.htpasswd
AuthName "Please Log On"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

Obvioulsy the folder I am protecting is called path and my username is loginplus
When I access the folder Iam being promted for my username and password details but then the whole system fails.
To answer the obvious questions:
I have uploaded the .htaccess file to the path folder, changed MOD to 744 adn renamed it to '.htaccess'
I have also included the .htpasswd in the path folder, also set permissions to 744 and renamed.
When I try and login I ambeing told I am not providing the correct username and password (which I know are100% correct)...
Can anyone please help?
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Re: .htaccess & .htpasswd files

It depends what you are trying to protect on the CGI platform as any PHP scripts will not respect the .htaccess / .htpasswd protection due to the way it works.