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.htacces on ccgi to password protect folders

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.htacces on ccgi to password protect folders

Is there any simple way to protect folders on the server?
I am fairly new to this and my searches of this forum have only found the instructions for the server.
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Re: .htacces on ccgi to password protect folders

Hi SideshowJo,
Not a simple way, but...
You can protect static files with .htpasswd on ccgi. However, files with a .php extension get executed before the server even looks for an .htaccess file, so that's trickier, but there is a devious workaround.
First, to protect static files (.html, etc), create an .htpasswd file. Telnet into, cd to the folder you want to protect and type

htpasswd -c .htpasswd secureuser

replace "secureuser" with the login name you want to use. You'll be prompted for a password. That creates an .htpsswd file in your folder. Then type

readlink -f .htpasswd

and shell will return the path to that file, which you'll need in the next step. exit.
Then create an .htaccess file for the same directory, including

AuthUserFile /share/storage/path/to/your/folder/.htpasswd
AuthType Basic
AuthName "protected"
Require valid-user

Replace "/share/storage/path/to/your/folder/" with the path to your folder. (The file needs to be stored as plain txt, uploaded as ASCII and have full read permissions.)
Now for the devious bit. Add the following line to the .htaccess file

AddHandler cgi-script .php4

Then change your .php extensions to .php4 extensions. Edit your .php4 files to start with a shebang line, e.g.


The .php4 files still need to be executable. Now you have .htpassword protected PHP files.
This may all sound like more trouble than it's worth. An alternative is to put the password and session handling in the PHP code of each file.
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Re: .htacces on ccgi to password protect folders

Many thanks I shall give this ago.