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has plusnet - madasafish - freenetname been hacked

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has plusnet - madasafish - freenetname been hacked

 I have received email in the past that claims my account has been hacked and to pay money to a bitcoin account etc etc.

I am fully aware this is a scam and i am not in the slightest bit bothered by it.

Since yesterday i have received about 30 or so of these emails that all have exactly the same text yet they are all to different email addresses.

I have a domain that i have had for almost 20 years and each of the email addresses are in the form of


What bothers me is that the addresses they have been sent to are addresses that i have used once or maybe twice in the past as throwaway or temporary addresses rather than my main one.

These have all been used with different companies or individuals and have NEVER been posted on line in a forum etc so could not have been harvested from the web. 


The only place i can see these addresses coming form are my email host.

My account gets all mail to anything@mydomain and i have yet to see any random names before the @ in the address only names i have used before.


I dont use webmail and all my email is deleted from the server when my email client downloads it.


Any thoughts please guys



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Re: has plusnet - madasafish - freenetname been hacked

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