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error after "successful" etomite install

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error after "successful" etomite install

Just installed Etomite into my ccgi space. Here is what the last install page said:-
Etomite Installation

Etomite setup will now attempt to setup the database:
Creating connection to the database: OK!
Selecting database `andywit_pn`: OK!
Checking table prefix `etomite_andywit`: OK!
Importing default site: OK!
Writing configuration file: OK!
Installation was successful! You can now log into the Etomite manager. First thing you need to do is to update and save the Etomite configuration. Etomite will ask you to do so once you've logged in.
Please make sure you CHMOD the file so it is not writeable by anyone other than yourself... Also, don't forget to remove the installer folder, as it is no longer needed.

Success I thought; just got to login now and do the remove install and chmod...... then get started with site construction at long last!
Sadly I get this error message on attempting to login:-
« Error »
Etomite encountered the following error while attempting to parse the requested resource:
« PHP Parse Error »

PHP error debug
  Error: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'rumpus' (4)
  Error type/ Nr.: Warning - 2
  File: /share/storage/01/an/andywit/kiss/index.php
  Line: 1286
  Line 1286 source: if(@!$this->rs = mysql_connect($this->dbConfig['host'], $this->dbConfig['user'], $this->dbConfig['pass'])) {

Parser timing
  MySQL: 0.0000 s s (0 Requests)
  PHP: 60.0613 s s
  Total: 60.0613 s s
Powered by Etomite CMS. 

I am a little puzzled. My only useful observation is that the File: path looks wrong to me (surplus "an").
What the line 1286 source error means is completely beyond me as I am merely a rocket scientist 2nd class!
Any helpful suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
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Re: error after "successful" etomite install

Rumpus is suffering intermittent database problems at the moment, as per
Can we get one of the networks guys to 'adjust' Rumpus with the rubber mallet please? Smiley
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Re: error after "successful" etomite install

Thanks Barry for your comment.
I have since moved my domain to another paid host as it seems to me that Plus Net are disinterested in this area of their business. Hopefully I will meet with a better response at Time will tell!