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ccgi path confusion

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ccgi path confusion

This is really confusing.
I always thought the path to my ccgi-space is
/files/homeX/username .
However, I looked into the code of my cms for an extension which causes problems.
It turns out, that this extension uses the following path to get to my ccgi-space:
/share/storage/01/ff/username .
Huh Huh Huh
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Re: ccgi path confusion

They are basically the same.
The homeX path is the original path used on the old ccgi which is retained for compatibility with scripts etc. This is the path you should always use and is a synbolic link to where your home directory is stored on the ccgi disk arrays.
The /share path is the actual mount point for one of the many network drives that make up the ccgi disk array.
PN can alter the /share path as and when they need to reconfigure the disk arrays so you should not be using that path in any scripts.
If you do a cd .. from your root directory then do a ls -l you will see all the names and mount points in your homeX directory