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cannot access old FTP / CGI web space

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cannot access old FTP / CGI web space

I've been trying a support ticket on my account for this, but no joy.

I had a web site years ago on my user account. But when Plus Net announced no longer supporting web hosting some years ago and moving everything across to CGI space, I moved my domain and web site to another service.  Thinking that the Plus net site would die. Or that I'd killed it off. 

But there's still an old site on my username, which is theoretically search engine findable - in fact I stumbled on this when doing some SEO to improve my new site. 

I cannot login using FTP to my Plus Net CGI space, despite endless tries and settings from Mac and Windows FTP apps.

It appears from Filezilla that it's a "530 Login Incorrect" - with the Password field appearing the issue.  But it's the correct up to date password.

I've tried both the CCGI password and my main user account password, but no joy. All refused.

I've tried every combo of access address:


I've tried every combo of my user name with and without ccgi appended, and even trying .com and .net as the ending.


I've tried my main user account password and the ccgi user account password.




I wonder if the CGI / FTP web space I had with my account still retains an old password I don't remember. Some years ago, there was a PlusNet system error that stopped non alphanumeric characters being permitted in the password, and I got locked out of my normal Account area, and had to use phone support to reset my password to one just using alphanumeric characters.

Has my old web space retained that old password (which I don't know any more).

How can I access my old web space please to erase the site files?  I'm getting no joy from raising a Ticket on the system.


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Re: cannot access old FTP / CGI web space

Drop me a private message Mark containing the website address and I'll take a look.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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