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being blocked

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being blocked

someone help please my wife wanted to order some lingerie from online store but when she tried to go to the site it was being blocked by plusnet. she never had this problem before with BT. Any help in this mater

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Re: being blocked

Hi , Do you have Plusnet safeguard  turned on ?  log into member center to check

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Re: being blocked

I assume this is Fibre broadband, and you'll need any adult content locked removed?

Hopefully a member of staff may be able to help, you'll probably have to PM them your username, but now you have made a post you should to be able to do so.

I think maybe your thread should be moved from General Chat and/or possibly merged with the other threads regarding content locks, if I mod could assist? Smiley

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Re: being blocked

As @rongtw suggested you may have hit one of prudish (my view) plusnet's hurdles.

As contributors to these forums will know, step outside their narrow guidelines and they'll feel it incumbent upon them to put you back on the right track - or in your case block you completely.

Hope you get it sorted  Thumbs_Up

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Re: being blocked

Is that true generally or just a safeguard feature? Would a free browser VPN extension such as Windscribe stop this sort of censorship?

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Re: being blocked

the only sites blocked by PN for broadband are those on the IWF list and required by court order iirc, safeguard is purely optional.

mobile is different - not sure what service the OP is talking about.
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Re: being blocked

Sorry to hear that @johntyrrell

Can you send us a screenshot of the page you see when you try to browse to this site?

Please feel free to PM me if you prefer.

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Re: being blocked

This could simply be a geolocation restricted site using bad geolocation data.