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Wordpress installation on PAYH server

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Wordpress installation on PAYH server

Anyone know the answers to these simple questions:
1. I have MySQL in use on my current Wordpress blog installation on the cgi server and I want to install Wordpress on this new server. If I enter the same MySQL details will the new installation automatically use the data in the existing database. I would presume it should.
2. Are there any complications with having BOTH Wordpress installations looking at the same MySQL data?
If so should I remove the original Wordpress installation on cgi server? Although I may prefer to keep BOTH installations looking at the same database as a precaution.
Oh yes. Do I install Wordpress into the cgi-bin directory or something else.
Is there ANY help and support pages on PAYH Huh
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Re: Wordpress installation on PAYH server

Hello goodnews,
If you're just going to upgrade, I wouldn't see a major problem,
provided that the Databse Structures have NOT changed significantly between versisons.
If you're just putting the same version on a new Server, I don't think there will be a problem.
If you are using the same Database structure for two independant installations of generic packages -like Wordpress...
you're going to need to give all the tables a prefix which is different to the default and not the same as the existing.
I believe the Webpage installers for these kinds of packages cater for this.
Otherwise, both locations will be reading and writing to the same Tables and causing issues across the installations.
The cgi-bin directory is tradicionally used as a Perl/Shell Script area which is separate.
Keep everything else in the Root or other directories.
Hope that helps.