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Wordpress Sidebar and Footer problems

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Wordpress Sidebar and Footer problems

I'd like to ask some advice on a website I run for a university society.
I've been using WordPress and K2 for a while now, and have had a good experience in general. I tend to make changes to themes which are available for K2, rather than making my own from scratch - purely because I haven't taken the time to learn how to make my own!
When making changes to the website theme I mentioned above, I ran into a few problems:
My first is (what I understand to be) a common problem, the compatibility of style sheets with IE. The website in general works very well with my main browser Opera, but IE causes problems.
1) The bottom of the footer image is being truncated on every page apart from the homepage.
2) The right hand sidebar which contains my links and login box is completely vanishing.
Secondly - in all browsers this time, on the 'comments' page of a post, the box for comments extrudes out from the bottom of the page, and underneath the footer.
I'm using Version 2.3.2 of wordpress, and also what I understand is the latest version of K2. Plugin wise, i'm using 'WP lightbox 2', 'Fotobook' and 'front page login' (by Hermescb).
The website URL is, If any other info is needed to help, let me know !
Many Thanks
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Re: Wordpress Sidebar and Footer problems

Hi there.
It might help if you posted a link to your CSS.  I vaguely remember something about IE calculating horizontal space differently - it adds the box widths to make a cumulative sum, rather than taking each width away from what is available - or something!  Smiley
I use Wordpress too, and have created my own theme for a non-blog site ( but haven't used K2 or the new versions 2.2 onwards (I'm still on 2.0.11 - the "stable" long term version).
You might want to ask for support through the Wordpress forums too: