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Wifi connection to devices lost - help please

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Wifi connection to devices lost - help please

After a weekend away, i returned to find that my Samsung mobile and 2 Amazon Firesticks could no longer connect to the wifi. I have tried various things, including restarting the phone and the router, unplugging the Firesticks. I did manage connection to my phone in the last hour but couldnt access any websites. I also entered a WhatsApp message but it didnt send. I am now on mobile data. Can anyone please help me. I am going round in circles. I dont understand why it suddenly isnt working as it did before i went away. Thank you
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Re: Wifi connection to devices lost - help please

@jasalfie21 Welcome to the forums. I'm afraid I can't help with the Firesticks as I have no idea how they work, or how they are set up.

However, for the phone - can you see your home network in the list of available networks? If so, try 'forgetting' it, switch the phone off - completely, wait 15-20 minutes, switch it back on and see if it picks the network up. If it does, you should be asked to connect to it, so re-enter the hub password/key. This is offered as a suggestion only, no guarantee that it will work.