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Why is web-based support so lousy compared to phone support?

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Registered: ‎08-11-2020

Why is web-based support so lousy compared to phone support?

Sorry to be controversial, but a genuine question.

Been a customer of Plus for getting on 20 years, and in all that time only had one phone support person who was unhelpful and clearly not up to par.

However, during the present Covid situation (and even before) it always seemed sensible to use web-based support for non-urgent questions.

The problem is that the response time (and recently the response quality) is so poor that it seems necessary to use phone support instead.

Example: on 9 Nov, an Internal request was showing as 'remove voice mail extra'. On 20 Nov, this was supplemented by "***INTERNAL***  Holding until changes on account are complete. This Question is now on hold until Friday 27th November at 7:00am"

Now on 27 Nov: "Question [ 208065725 ] is now off hold. Our Support Team will provide a further update soon. " - totally unhelpful, which of course means that I am now on hold calling Phone Support.

I genuinely don't get it - surely it is in Plusnet's interest to push as many support queries to the web (especially at the moment) yet for some years now it provides far slower, and far less clearly explained support than phone support. Who manages that team? Is it time for them to go?