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Why email and ask me to call back?

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Why email and ask me to call back?

With the exception of a 12 months gap I've been with Plusnet for 14 years now and never had a complaint of any kind before. In July my area was provisioned for FTTP and ever since I've been in the enrolling process for the FTTP trial. Now into the 11 weeks since I registered, my cause for complaint is not directly with the length of time it's taken (although I'm not pleased about this either) but rather the way the helpdesk communicate with it's customers. 

Twice in the last week I've received emails asking me for information and specifically asking that I reply by telephone rather than email. This of course means me having to wait on hold for up to an hour just to pass on the requested information. Would it be so hard to pick up the phone and call me instead of asking me to call in?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Why email and ask me to call back?



I'm really sorry about the experience you've had trying to get your FTTP active. I've had a look at the account and the tickets and I think some of the wording has not been the best, especially about having to call to change the appointment. There's no reason why this shouldn't be able to be actioned via that ticket (it looks like it has been on the odd occasion) so I'll feed this back of course to amend that wording. The reasoning I can come up with as to why they'd ask to call is that the ticket is with the products department and as they're not customer facing that there's no guarantee the ticket would be able to be picked up in a timely manner. 


I would suggest from here on just update the ticket, but maybe give us a headsup via this post and we'll make sure it gets picked up. By the looks of it this should all be resolved in a few days for you.