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Where to start?

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Where to start?

I have been a Plus Net customer for many years on one sort of account or another.  For quite some years I have been using PlusNet Broadband Your Way Option 3 with included 30GB bandwidth.
I only use it for web surfing and e-mail (squirrel).  The time has now come for me to think about having my own domain (I think!).
A few main requirements:-
The domain must have the facility to accommodate a minimum of 5 seperate e-mail accounts.
I want to have the facility for it to accommodate a few web pages - not much at first - but with some growth potential.  Nothing fancy, maybe a blog - biographical stuff.  But again with growth potential for database work and storage of some files for users to download.
Must be either free or good value for money - dont mind spending a bit if its worth it.
Happy to build myself in slow time although the use of some free tools would not go amiss.
I think my account allows me 5 free domains to be hosted for free.  What exactly does that mean; what do I get for free?  Whats the catch?  And what does optional domain available mean?
I don't fancy too much hasstle changing my current plusnet e-mail accounts.  Can I keep my existing ones and migrate them very slowly, whilst retaining the option of completly dropping them at sometime? 
I have trawled around some of the support pages, but frankly find them confusing.  I realise that I may have to pay for domain registration, but the price range appears to be quite large.  Are there any easy idiot guides around to help me?
Any general advice or some links would be most appeciated.
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Re: Where to start?

Evening 'Boavon'
I run my own website ... ... through 'Compila' website hosting company. It costs me £14 a year which includes a UK domain name. Although I only get one Pop3 mail account. I see you are looking for at least five ... you would have to take the next option up and would cost you £22/year.
You are only given 100Mb web space with Plusnet and your domain name is your (www) 'username' ... (5 free domains to be hosted for free)
Compila package gives you 1Gb and two MySQL Databases + UK domain name (optional domain)
Go to: ; ... and have a look at what they are providing.
Bee good