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When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

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When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

OpenReach installed fibre passed my front door earlier this year. Neighbours with BT or Sky have upgraded to FTTP. I spoke to the OpenReach engineer when he was upgrading our next door neighbour last week. The engineer said I can be upgraded to FTTP too. But PlusNet don't supply FTTP so I feel I'm being left behind. When do PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

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Re: When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

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Re: When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?


Last unofficial word was by the end of January - they didn't say which year!!! You'll not hear anything official until they make an announcement.


If you want faster speeds you can move to BT or EE without any early termination fees but you must tell PlusNet about the move.



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Re: When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

That's what I did, although it took rather longer than it should have done (about 6 weeks in total) and my Plusnet service was terminated 3 weeks too soon, so BT had to send me a mini hub that provided my household with Wi-Fi Internet connectivity from the local mobile phone network. It was still a bit of hassle though because every time I wanted a file stored on my NAS, I had to disconnect from the mini hub and then reverse the process to connect back to the Internet. But BT gave me a great new deal a couple of days after I had started my Full Fibre 100, by upgrading me to Full Fibre 500 + Halo 3 at no extra cost. The main disappointment was the standard of workmanship carried out by the subcontractor, Kelly Communications. I had to finish the internal part of the job myself as I wasn't satisfied with one wobby screw holding the ONT on the wall and I also added some protection to the external cable as an unprotected black fibre optic cable running through a flower bed with black compost did not seem like a good idea to me, so I put some white plastic trunking around it to make it visible.

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Re: When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

We've had OpenReach installing fibre  to the premises over the last month in the village (including digging up my drive to install the fibre!) and I'm now looking for an ISP to provide me with service over it - to get something quicker than ~6Mbs which is all we can get with ADSL as there's no FTTC available because we're not served by a cabinet.

I want to order this week and have been with PlusNet since 2004 and a happy customer - it just works.

But the cupboard is bare: PlusNet have nothing to offer!!

So... I'm looking at a 24 month contract with Vodafone at 100/20Mbs as they are able (confirmed in a chat with their support which I have in email) to provide a static IP address - so BT/Plusnet will lose a customer altogether.  The BT product doesn't offer a Static IP so is a non-starter...

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Re: When does PlusNet plan to supply FTTP?

I was in the same position last November when my contract with Plusnet ended as they had been promising fttp since last summer. I decided to stick with Plusnet as they offered me a great deal on Unlimited Fibre Extra for £20/month and I can get 60MB download on fttc so speed is not a major factor for me. I'll move to fttp with them when they offer it in a few weeks (fingers crossed). I too have been with them for years and have been happy with the service so reluctant to move to someone else. Let's hope their rollout of fttp goes smoothly given the delays up until now. I would also hope they will be competitive, offering 100MB full fibre for £25-£30/month. We wait and see...