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Website support

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Registered: ‎19-02-2011

Website support

I've had a website for some years made with Front page, now I find that Plusnet doesn't support FP, I have my own registered domain name but what web pages site maker does plusnet support so I can make a new website, My old one was hosted by Web mania at a cost of under £30 yearly which is about as much as I can afford.  I'd like to stick with them. Any help or ideas out there, I've tried Plus net phone support but after 30 mins was no nearer the solution. Thanks
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Re: Website support

Pretty much anything other than Frontpage will be fine! The issue with FP is that some of its features (the 'extensions') don't follow web standards, so hosts have to go through a few hoops to support it. Use an editor that creates standard html and you'll be fine. Depending how much you know and what you want to spend, try something like Xara Web Designer, which is, I think, about £40, or Kompozer, which is free.