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Web Site Archived!

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Re: Web Site Archived!

there was always a bandwidth limit as far as I know but then again that far back nobody put big images on websites because of dial up limitations (not to mention that a lot of us  were on 512kbps connections)
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Re: Web Site Archived!

Jim's right, there's always been a bandwidth limit as well as a disk space limit.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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Re: Web Site Archived!

But in view of your comments perhaps I better route to Big?
And delete BIG?

This must be confusing for other menbers of the Forum!
Apologies, Folk.
But this has been a great help to me.
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Re: Web Site Archived!

I see the offering of web hosting by Plusnet as something more for personal use or possibly a mainly textual information site. Possibly somewhere to dump a few pictures on for family and friends.
I run my own web and email servers so I'm not constrained by any limitations imposed by the host (apart from the T&Cs of my ISP obviously). It works well but costs around £100 a year in electricity alone and then there is the hardware to worry about (and the constant attack by hackers etc etc).
The biggest problem is that with the increasing hits by search engines which also download and cache pictures, you can find your traffic rapidly increasing and 100Mb these days can be downloaded in a few seconds.