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Web Hosting

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Registered: ‎14-08-2007

Web Hosting

ok, i'm being considering moving from PN to O2 for BB.
I can see that its gonna cost me £ 104.99 in cancellation costs. But I also took advantage of the free domain name hosting and have a website hosted by PN.
Can I still use PN to host my webspace, if so how much will it cost, or if i were to move it all how much will I be charged for the domain name ?
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Re: Web Hosting

When you leave, your account is changed to a free dialup account. You webspace is reduced to 25MB and your ccgi & MySQL will be removed as it is not part of the free dialup package.
However, the free dialup account does not support hosting of domains so your domain will have to be moved elsewhere and you will not be able to use a domain name for your webspace.
If the domain was the free one PN offered, there will be a cost associated with moving it (£5.99 I think). If its a £1/month included domain it depends on how long you have had it as to what the cost is to move it elsewhere. If you purchased it through PN then it should be free to move elsewhere.
You shuld raise a ticket to get the necessary costs for moving your domain.