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Using a VOIP service

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Using a VOIP service

I am a new user on Plus net, and my wife is working from home at the moment.  Her company have given her a phone tool with Unity Desktop, which I guess is some kind of VOIP system.  However, since moving to Plus net the system seems to "hang up" the call after around 10 minutes.  Sometimes, she will be on hold for in excess of 30 minutes before the provider responds, so this is very frustrating.  Do you know if there is a time out limit on calls, and if so, how can I increase this limit.  Thanks.

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Re: Using a VOIP service

I dont know anything about the Unity phone application , other than it is a voip phone system. There is no limit from PlusNet on voip calls, I use a voip phone connected to the office pbx and regularly have conference calls over a hour. Connection is also instant. Assuming your internet connection is stable for other things like browsing and streaming TV for instance, I suspect you need to get her company IT to investigate where the problem is.

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