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Usenet server dropping many articles

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Registered: ‎10-12-2021

Usenet server dropping many articles Usenet server is missing many articles.

The missing articles seem random, but roughly 1/8 of all articles in comp.theory are simply not making it into the group.  I assume it is the same with other groups.

Some missing articles:

<uqu83k$33rpv$>   [179399]

<uqub4f$1hkjo$>   [179402]

<uquca5$33rpv$>   [179406]

<uquu3t$1odcr$>   [179418]

(The group article numbers 179399 etc. are what I imagine was assigned by the server, but they do not appear in the group with those numbers.  The articles are all on the server, and can be accessed via their Msgid.  The problem started a few days ago, it seems to me.)