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USA law applies to Brits with .com & .net domains

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USA law applies to Brits with .com & .net domains

Apparently the USA is claiming legal dominion over websites with .com & .net domains.
In the Richard O'Dwyer case:
he is being extradited to face prosecution in the USA. Although he is not in the USA and his website was not hosted in the USA and he had no copyright-protected material on his site (merely URL links), he is to be prosecuted in the USA.
Time for a UK boycott of .com & .net domain names?
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Re: USA law applies to Brits with .com & .net domains

That is old news to me, I already new that the Good Old USA was in charge of "com" & "net" domains.
If you use a "com" or "net" domain for your web site you automatically give jurisdiction to the USA Courts.
So you will be governed by the USA.