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UK Fibre optic tax.

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UK Fibre optic tax.

Will this damage the development of BT high speed services

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Re: UK Fibre optic tax.

I think you will find that it will be BT that damage BT Fibre Optic Broadband, not the government or a tax.

BT seem to be in non ending self destruct cycle at present.

I left BT Fibre last month to join Plusnet (which believe it or not is part of BT).

It took 3 weeks to switch with no internet, telephone or mobile, but I'm still glad I did.


When I joined BT the representative promised my bill would be no more than £40.00 a month. Phone line rental, unlimited calls, 50meg fibre optic broadband, and unlimited data and texts on my mobile, all for £40.00! What a mug I was to believe him (Dave, you abused my trust if your reading this)

My last 2 BT bills averaged out at around £120 a month!


so here I am, a new member to Plusnet, and all is well.

I get unlimited broadband, call and texts on my mobile for £25 a month. And I know it's only broadband now not fibre optic, but this morning my broadband reached a peak of 19 meg download speed.

I watched sky on my iPad last night whilst playing the division on my PS4 with 3 other players from all over the world and had absolutely no lag at all. Something that was no always the case with BTs 59 meg service.

Go figure


oh, and whilst we are on it, BT don't offer a static IP. plus net does, and thank golly gosh they do, as it's made my life so much easier. And safer. As now I have a static ip registered my PayPal is a million times more secure. My websites are so much easier to make and the set up for the NAS is turn it on and it's done. Thank you 2017 😊The best year ever....


So to just reiterate, BT will destroy BT, but I think they are doing it purposely, abliet subconsciously...

thank you plus net for doing us proud so far


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Re: UK Fibre optic tax.

Who can blame the government. They've watched the ISP's bleeding their customers more and more in the last couple of years. The government is just joining in sucking us dry.

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Re: UK Fibre optic tax.

Welcome, @Rsebrie, I hope your PN experience will continue to be a happy one.

@billnotben  Surely the Government are the masters at coming up with ever more ingenious ways of sucking us dry?  They call it tax, duty, levy, charge, surcharge etc.