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Trouble setting up pi hole on Plusnet network (uk)

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Trouble setting up pi hole on Plusnet network (uk)

Hi all,

I’ve got the software installed on my Pi 3 just fine, and I’ve enabled DHCP mode on the pi hole’s settings, but when I disable the same on my router either nothing can connect to the browser or the browser craps out altogether, in one occasion requiring a pin in the reset hole to get it back.

I’ve done all of the obvious, restarting all devices etc, but to no avail. Connecting each device to the pi hole individually didn’t seem to work, but truth be told I’d rather just have it set up to work on everything automatically anyway.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Trouble setting up pi hole on Plusnet network (uk)

The instructions are in the thread

Check that you've done 3b , setting the gateway address to your router ( normally for a plusnet supplied router )

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